Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We had a great field trip today!  

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Gillespie Florists for being fantastic hosts for us! Everyone was so kind and helpful there.  We had a blast, and the friends learned a lot! 

(Check out their website HERE

and their blog HERE )

We began the field trip by splitting into two groups.  One group toured the flower shop while the other made a bouquet.  

Touring the flower shop

We learned that they put flowers in the water to help them bloom. 

After a few days of sitting in the water...

We observed the big cutter that helps trim the ends of the flowers. 

The friends toured the front of the shop too! 

This is the car that they use to deliver the flowers.

We were able to walk into the big fridge!  It was cold and smelled like flowers!  :) 

Smelling the flowers 

Making a bouquet 

We are very thankful for our parent helpers on the field trip! 

We then learned how to wrap our bouquets. 

We then made cards for our bouquets.

The second group made their bouquets too! 

Back in the classroom, we had small group time.  One of the small groups was to play flower shop.  We used some of the supplies that Gillespie Florist gave to us.  Play is a way that children make sense of the world.  It is important that we allow the friends their own time to play with the items from the Gillespie in order to increase our understanding of our field trip. 

With Mrs. Zwettler, the friends drew a picture of a flower that we saw on the field trip. 

With me, the friends drew some of the things they found important about the flower shop.  They then dictated to me what they noticed about the shop and our experience in it. 

During Jesus time we reviewed the story of Zaccheaus.  We remembered that Jesus forgave Zaccheaus and Jesus forgives us too!  We thanked God for forgiving our sins! 

The friends wanted a bell for our flower shop.  Mrs. Dieckamp was in our classroom for Mrs. Lipsey today, and she went to find us a bell.  

Eli made a sign for the bell.  "Ring the bell for flower shop." 

The friends worked together and problem solved how to prop up the sign. They tried many different ways and they did not give up!  Persistence is a disposition that will benefit the children throughout their lives. 

Some of the friends sorted with Mrs. Dieckamp. 

Olivia made a flower to decorate our flower shop. 

Flower shop fun

During small group time, one of the groups played in the flower shop. 

The other group worked with Mrs. Dieckamp to create more flowers. 

The friends worked with me to add more details to their drawing of the flower shop.  

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